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Become a barber

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Browse and book a professional, qualified, vetted and insured mobile barber in minutes, at a time that suits you. A barber can be at your door in less than two hours, they are lightning quick and don't leave any mess, or your money back.

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Optionally, you can choose one of our four subscription plans and save up to 25% each trim! That's almost £300 a year! If you’re not happy, you can cancel your subscription anytime with a few clicks.


Get used to never running out for a cut again. Grab a chair, pour yourself a drink and await the knock on your door. No long waits and no cash required.

Don't take our word for it.

Cutter's Club review image Cutter's Club review image Cutter's Club review image
Ed Warburton
Toby Wightman
Henry Despard

"Really good service. So easy to use and my barber was great!"

“Very little hassle, barber came on time and was very friendly. Had a great cut for cheaper than my local barbershop.”

"So cool being able to subscribe. Saves me time, money, and no queues."


Why shouldn’t I just get my haircut at a barbershop?

Simple, we save you time and hassle, all at no extra cost to your high street trimmers… and our barbers are awesome! It can be pretty annoying having to ring up at the last minute every few weeks hoping that your barber isn’t fully booked, and then have to carve an hour out of your day to travel to get your trim. With Cutter’s Club, you can easily see availability and book your barber from your phone, tablet or desktop, and never have to leave the comfort of your home or office. Plus, its all wrapped up in less than 30 minutes. No more wasted lunch breaks, evenings, dates, whatever! The world is your oyster!

Are the barbers good?

Is this a trick question? Our barbers are awesome! We interview and vet all of our barbers, so we know you're getting the creme de la creme of barbering talent.

Are the barbers tidy and quick?

Oh, you betcha! Before beginning your trim, your barber will lay down a portable floor mat to catch your hair and ensure there is no mess! On the off chance your super hairy and some hair gets on the floor, our barbers carry handheld hoovers to clean up any mess. If you're concerned about time, our barbers usually take under 30 minutes, depending on your specific requirements. Better than waiting in a barber’s waiting line, huh?

Do you offer beard trims?

If you require a beard trim, simply select 'Beard trim' under 'Add to your appointment...' on checkout. There's no extra cost for this, so it's up to you to tip your barber as you see fit.

What hours are you open?

We’re open 24/7, but our barbers choose what hours they are available so please check each barber’s calendar to see their availability. Our barbers are awesome, as we may have already mentioned, so the chances are they’ll be free when you want!

What areas are you active?

We’re active all over London!

How do I book my cut?

It’s easy! Choose your plan, select your location, choose your barber, select a time, enter your information, and pay. Your barber will arrive at your door at the time you requested ready to make you look a million bucks!

Can I cancel or reschedule my cut?

Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 2 hours before your appointment starts. Simply, reply to your booking confirmation text or email with your request and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.

Can I book a cut for more than one person?

Currently, we only allow single bookings. If there are two or more people wanting a haircut in a single location, we recommend booking a different barber for each individual. Or, if you are an organisation or a large group, please contact our customer support team via the messaging widget in the bottom right of our website and we can create a custom plan for you.

When do I pay?

You pay when you make your booking. We don’t currently accept cash in hand payments.

How do subscriptions work?

Once you’ve subscribed to one of our 4 plans, all you have to do is enter your email address in the ‘Redeem Coupon’ section when you want a trim. This will save you up to 25% each trim, depending on your plan. Every billing cycle, the amount of trim’s you can redeem will be reset. For example, once you join the every 2 weeks plan, you will be able to book 2 haircuts until your next billing date, when you will be able to redeem another 2 haircuts.

Is it hard to cancel my subscription?

Nope. You can cancel anytime for any reason with just a few clicks. We hope you’ll stay, but we never make it hard to leave.

Can I try before I subscribe?

For sure, get a 'One-off' cut! If you like the club, you can choose one of our plans afterwards.

What if I don’t get my haircut very often?

Not a problem. Fellas who like their mane a tad scruffier can subscribe to our Every 6 week subscription, or simply go for a 'One-off' cut every time you get a trim.

Are there any sneaky hidden fees?

No way. We don’t like fees any more than you do. There are no booking fees, cancellation or rescheduling fees.