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Become a barber

Your barber, to your door, on demand.

Cutter's Club is coming! Get the chance to win one year's FREE haircuts by signing up for early access. Only available to the first 5,000 signups. 🚀

Choose your barber.

Choose one of our vetted mobile barbers based on your treatment, style, hair type, examples of previous haircuts and ratings & reviews from other customers.

Choose when and where.

Book and pay via our website in minutes for a time and place that suits you. Optionally, choose one of our recurring plans to save up to 25% each haircut.

We come to you.

Our barbers can be at your home, office, wherever, in as little as an hour. They come fully equipped along with a floor mat and handheld hoover to ensure not a single hair is left behind.

Our early adopters ❤️ us!

“Great idea and will save me lots of time. I will definitely be using Cutter's Club again in a few weeks.”

Stuart Herring

“Slick service! Great concept and great for end customers who don’t like to wait ages for a trim.”

Jay Qureshi

“Everything went perfectly. Punctual, very good haircut and a very pleasant hairdresser. This was an enlightenment.”

John Munro

Win one year's FREE haircuts! 🎉

When you sign up for early access you'll have the opportunity to earn rewards by referring mates and interacting with us on social media. Only available to the first 5,000 signups.