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Become a barber

We're crowdfunding soon!

We’re on a mission to change the way men get their haircut, forever. This is a unique opportunity to purchase shares and contribute to the future of Cutter's Club. Pre-register to give a non-committal indication of the level of support you're considering giving us!

The on-demand economy is exploding, but men still have to travel to and queue in barbershops.

Whether it’s Uber for transport, Deliveroo for food, or Urban Massage for wellness, it’s 2018 and people expect essential products and services to be delivered to them... now! Why should the barber industry be any different?

We send your barber, to your door, on demand.

Choose your perfect barber, book for a time and place that suits you, and we’ll come to your home, office, wherever, for your regular snip, and clean up afterward. Also, optionally subscribe to one of our recurring plans to save up to 25% each haircut!

We've proven there's a strong demand for our service.

Our early adopters love us, and have given some fantastic reviews. When asked how likely they were to use our service again our customers gave an average of 9.7/10.

We're the first serious team to market.

We're building a talented team of creative problem-solvers with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and skills.

We want to be the multinational 'Uber for haircuts'.

To achieve this, we're addressing a huge, underserved, venture scale market, with high customer loyalty, that has been devoid of innovation, and is ripe for disruption.

We're raising to fund our launch in Stratford.

We're raising pre-seed investment to fund our launch in Stratford, the area with our most densely clustered early adopter bookings. Investment will qualify for SEIS/EIS tax relief depending on personal circumstances.

Help us build the kind of service you want to use!